The beauty centre “Sabina and Tiziana” offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
It is a multi-specialized centre managed by a professional and qualified staff specialized in cosmetic treatments, wellness, permanent photo depilation and tanning.
The centre is equipped with:
Facial and body diagnostic technologies
Thermo Hydro care mattress with aroma-therapy and chromo-therapy for a multi sensory massage and wellness treatments
Customized Turkish bath paths with sauna and bio-sauna
Powered hydro massage
Hot Stone Massage: energetic massage with hot stones
Customized wellness days all for you or together with your friends
Specific facial and body treatments and also, honey, chocolate
Beauty Day
Facial Photo rejuvenation with pulsed light
...and many other customized programmes...
Hotel Morosini Miramonti - Via Regina Elena, 16 - Angolo Terme Bs - P.Iva 00723200986